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Photos do not reflect what your order will look like. Colors and species are dependent on market availability.

Bringing Grace to Your Space
Through Nature’s Art


Our arrangements are custom designed to fit your space. Since we use preserved botanical products, your custom-designed arrangement(s) will maintain a fresh, vibrant look much longer. We believe this adds greater value to our arrangements.


You have the option to have your arrangement(s) maintained by The Orchid Nook, a value-added service unavailable through most florists. You can leave the responsibility of watering and up-keep to us. This allows you to enjoy your arrangement(s) without the chore of caring for the orchids.


We will asses the conditions of your space before designing your arrangement(s) to ensure the best result for the life of the orchids, which most florists do not do. Our goal is to assist in the longevity of the orchids, reducing the need for frequent replacements; something you will not find for other flower arrangements. More value for your bucks!

The Orchid Nook is, primarily, a service, creating arrangements and follow-up maintenance care. Most clients are not interested in watering and care so they leave that to us. You simply enjoy the grace and beauty of the arrangements. Arrangements are designed to accentuate your specific space, adding natural, artistic grace.

Artistic, custom-designed, live orchid arrangements.