The Orchid Nook | About Us
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What We Do

Hello, and welcome to The Orchid Nook! I am Phillip Tryon, owner and designer of The Orchid Nook. I established The Orchid Nook in 2011 as a way to express my artistic nature and share my passion for orchids. In my opinion, orchids are one of Earth’s greatest gifts of “natural” art.


I established The Orchid Nook in 2011, as a way to express my artistic nature, and to share my passion for orchids. My arrangements are basically designed with an artistic flare, using other natural, preserved botanical products, and other materials found in nature. I believe that these materials show off the orchids in a more natural manner. I rarely use artificial products, and most of the materials used can easily be recycled in some form, allowing me to keep the product environmentally safe.


The Orchid Nook is, primarily, a service, creating arrangements and follow-up maintenance care. Most clients are not interested in watering and care so they leave that to us. You simply enjoy the grace and beauty of the arrangements. Arrangements are designed to accentuate your specific space, adding natural, artistic grace. This fact leads into my mission statement, ” Bringing Grace to Your Space with Natures Art “.


Service vary depending on how elaborate the ornamentation, and quantity ordered. There are usually fees for delivery, maintenance. You pay the cost of the materials used to create your arrangement(s), including potting materials. I am currently developing online gift options, and pricing will also depend on size, quantity and how ornately designed.


My services are open to your home, business, hotel or restaurant. I am also expanding to provide service for events, window displays, and any staging opportunities. Services are limited to San Francisco and most surrounding cities in the Bay Area.


If you have questions or want more details about The Orchid Nook and what we can provide for you, email inquires to or call (415)509-7035. You can also follow me on facebook: