The Orchid Nook | Our Services
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Our Services

Service fees are applied in conjunction with the cost of the arrangements, and are dependent on the number of arrangements you have. Your first invoice will usually be higher than your following monthly invoices. These fees cover labor and overhead. They will also be applied to your account each time you order a new design, or if your current arrangement(s) are taken back to the shop for maintenance.


For events, clients with more than 5 arrangements, and large or elaborate displays, discussion is necessary. An onsite visit is required before starting a project for clients, to access the environment, and to view the space for dimensions and to better help me create an arrangement that fits the clients decor.

Service Fees

  • 1 Arrangement Service

  • $75
  • 2-3 Arrangement Service

  • $100
  • 4-5 Arrangement Service

  • $125

Service Options

  • Option 1

    • 2 maintenance visits per month, more if needed
    • Orchid replacements charged at wholesale cost
    • Corporate discounts on bulk gift orders

  • Option 2

  • Give us your monthly budget, and we will work within the parameters of your budget. keep in mind that the budget must allow for the first time service fee. After that, we stay completely with in your budget. Any charges that might go over will be approved by you before service is performed. Ideal for clients with only 1-2 simple arrangements.
  • Option 3

  • You can bring us your own orchid or pot, or orchid and pot, and we will create an arrangement for you. You will pay a service fee and for materials.

Please tell us of any orchid needs you may have, as our services are unlimited.